Synchro Aluminium Footblock with Jammer

Synchro Aluminium Footblock with Jammer

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Product Description

Synchro Footblocks feature alloy cheeks, fixing isolators and a moulded base plate to prevent sealant ingress into the sheave. Jamming Footblocks are designed to hold light hand loads only.


  • Standard and jammer options can be double stacked
  • Two-step jammer action keeps lever close to side of the block
  • Optimised jammer shape holds line central on the sheave
  • Tough alloy cheeks
  • Synchro sheave loads match the same sized blocks
  • Twin fixings with inserts
  • Wide head for a solid base, block will not "roll" on the deck
  • Moulded base plate with recess to hold sealant around fixings, screws and to prevent ingress onto the bearing and sheave.

*2-6 Week delivery time on this item